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Technical drawings

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Product description

designed bypodpis autora produktu

Technical information


Supporting parts of back and arms made of pine wood, plywood and chipboard Visible part of the frame are covered with high-quality polyurethane foam 25kg/m3 and ovate and laminated ovate


Highly flexible rubber straps covered with polyurethane foam layer 25kg/m3

Sitting cushion

Two- layers of highly flexible foam polyurethane foam covered by ovate.

Upper layer: memory foam G-40kg/m3 - lower layer: highly flexible polyurethane foam HR-30kg/m3 (hard)

Back cushion

Silicone blend


Stainless brushed steel


Available in leather

Delivery time

6 to 8 weeks starting from the order confirmation date


olta reserves the right to change construction of products and components used due to improving durability of product and customers satisfaction without any further notice. Explicit 2 or 3cm tolerance of all elements sizes.