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Technical drawings

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Product description

The Polo armchair will catch your eye not only on account of its stylish cubic for and modern minimalistic features.  Especially worthy of attention are the chair's specially designed legs thanks to which it seems to float in air.


The modern construction and unconventional charm of the Polo will make it a valuable addition to many interiors.


The geometric form of the chair will allow it to fit in practically any interior.  Filled with memory foam it will engulf you in comfort and allow you not only to rest but also spirit you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


The Polo armchair corresponds perfectly with our other functional accessories such as the minimalistic Taxi tables

Technical information


Supporting parts of back and arms made of pine wood and plywood

Visible parts of the frame are covered with  high-quality polyurethane foam 25kg/m3 and laminated ovate



Highly flexible rubber straps covered with polyurethane foam 25kg/m3


Sitting cushion

Two-layers of polyurethane foam covered by laminated ovate. Upper layer: highly flexible polyurethane foam HR-30kg/m3 (soft) - lower layer: polyurethane foam T-40kg/m3



Two-layers of  foam: highly flexible polyurethane foam HR-30kg/m3 (soft) and polyurethane foam T-40kg/m3 covered by laminated ovate




Stainless brushed steel



Available in leather


Delivery time

6 to 8 weeks starting from the order confirmation date



olta  reserves the right to change the construction of products and components due to improving durability of the product and customer satisfaction without any further notice. The size may vary +/-3 cm with reference to the dimensions shown in the pictograms.