Warsaw Home

Warsaw Home

November 2022

The annual Warsaw Home fair is a great opportunity not only to learn about the wide range of brands from Poland and abroad. It is also a time spent talking with visitors. The event, aimed mainly at architects and interior designers, is a unique opportunity for us to meet during these few days of the fair to learn about their opinions, needs and expectations, but also to exchange observations. This year our stand was visited by a lot of guests, with whom we had countless conversations. We were extremely pleased to hear a lot of positive feedback, which gives us motivation for further work.

The Warsaw Home Fair is a unique meeting platform. During the four days, between October 19-22, we were able to give each visitor to our booth adequate time and attention. Talking about our unique furniture is one thing, but experiencing its quality is another. To sit down, touch and see in real life is a much more important experience. Because you can see for yourself the comfort and precision of our sofas, armchairs or the practicality of the proposed solutions. This year, guests spent long conversations sitting down, thus combining the pleasant with the useful – getting to know our offer combined with relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere.

For us, every detail, even the smallest, matters. Both when it comes to our furniture and the environment in which it is located. That’s why during the fair we pay special attention to the arrangement of our booth and spice up every detail. During the recent Warsaw Home Fair, we arranged the space to give it a warm and cozy atmosphere. We placed fresh flowers and plants on the tables and furniture, making visiting architects feel like guests who came to our home. These small but exceptionally beautiful elements, made it possible to relax among them for a while and forget that you are at work.

Thank you for visiting us!

The yearly Warsaw Home fair provides an amazing chance to gain insight into a plethora of brands from both local and international scenes. It’s a great time to connect with attendees and engage in meaningful discussions. This occasion, primarily focused on architects and interior designers, offers us a rare opportunity to meet with these professionals and gain a deeper understanding of their views, requirements, and aspirations, while also sharing our own observations. This year, our booth received an overwhelming response with numerous guests stopping by for a chat. We were elated to receive such an outpouring of positive feedback which only serves to fuel our drive for continued success.

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